What I Learned As A Forbes Writer

Derick David
5 min readMay 19
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My journey at Forbes started last April 2022 and if you would’ve told me a year ago that I would get to meet and speak with supermodel Alexis Ren, I would have never believed you. A gist, the perks are unmatched.

I’ve always considered this experience as my crash course in real-world journalism. However, due to my professional involvement in crypto, I was given the opportunity to become contributing writer to Forbes Digital Assets, which is essentially the independent crypto assets publication of Forbes itself.

Since I never wanted to be a journalist in the first place and I don’t come from traditional journalism, writing for a prestigious and world-renowned publication like Forbes has been a challenging, but rewarding experience. It has taught me more than what I needed to know about writing in the real world.

About Forbes:

  • A platform for independent voices. It’s an opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas with a large audience.
  • A platform for in-depth reporting. I’ve had the opportunity to write about some complex topics, and I’ve been able to do so in a way that is both informative and engaging.
  • A platform popular for their lists, like the Forbes 30u30 or Forbes Billionaires.

Being surrounded by well-experienced Forbes journalists, reporters, and editors has taught me a lot of lessons. Here’s some.

Straight to the point

One of the first things I learned at Forbes Day 1 was that you need to go straight to the point. After writing, editing, and publishing my first article last year, I got an email from one of the Senior Editors briefly after it was published. He said that it was better if I make it easy for readers to find the piece of content they were looking for.

What does this mean? Well, don’t make your readers wait for the good stuff.

Unlike in blogging, where you want to keep your reader hooked as long as possible, that’s not the case for Forbes. So no beating around the bush! Remove all the unnecessary content and put the important information right at the beginning of your article. That way, readers get hooked right away. All the supporting data or content regarding the subject can be put…

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