OpenAI’s ChatGPT Redesign

Derick David
4 min readMay 13

I’ve been an avid user of ChatGPT since its public release last year and even subscribed to their $20/month premium subscription. Although it has been a nice experience for the most part, there are several things that I and other users wish ChatGPT could improve on. So, I did a lean case study.

I conducted user research on social media, especially Twitter since people have been so vocal about ChatGPT since its rise in popularity, to gather feedback on what people want to see on the chat page. When Google’s Bard launched, people started comparing the two products. Around 70% like Bard better because it has a better design, faster product, more accurate responses, and the ability to get real-time data.

ChatGPT now

For the first time, ChatGPT found itself a true competitor. So based on the data, I identified several pain points and areas for improvement. Using this information, I started jotting down notes in my notebook, sketched some ideas, and created a simple mockup of the chat page.

The first task is to design a clear and intuitive interface. The challenge is to rethink the layout of the page so that it appears less noisy and more organized. Google’s Bard beats ChatGPT on this one as it appears more human and less of a computer terminal. The new design features a simplified structure, more prominent call-to-action buttons, and a cleaner overall layout.

ChatGPT redesigned

Brand design is the second task. The visual design creates a more modern, friendly, and appealing look. I used a color scheme that was consistent with OpenAI’s brand identity and incorporated more white space. This gives ChatGPT users a more pleasing and memorable experience. The third task is to add some features based on user feedback.

  1. Search chat history
  2. Pinning desired chats
  3. Copy results
  4. Text-to-speech results
  5. Speech-to-text prompt
  6. Parallels(variations of results)
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