Google Ripped Off Apple, Again.

Derick David
4 min readOct 5, 2020
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The idea started as a startup project under an academy in Italy built by Apple called the Apple Developer Academy, the academy is created between a partnership between a University in Italy and Apple itself. It was built to create a community of a new generation of technology entrepreneurs and leaders with its goal to train the students on how to design, develop, launch, and market apps. Eventually, they even taught us how to create and run a business out of it. We were given projects to do time to time and in total, we worked on 4 total projects year-round. But the most interesting project we worked it’s our last one, an AR Facial Recognition ap.

Our last project was all about the intersection of Face Recognition, Augmented-Reality, and Social Networking. We spent a lot of time brainstorming and thinking of an idea that could be useful for people and that could solve a real-world problem. To that extent, we were a “Think Tank”, much like the CIA. This project itself was presented to Lisa Jackson, VP of Environmental and Social initiatives at Apple.

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As you can see from the picture, our idea was founded upon the technologies of Face Recognition and Augmented-Reality. It had stickers like clickable buttons on the screen that bring you to the user’s social network page. The idea is to change the way we connect and meet people. We wanted to create the concept of getting to know someone to happen in an instant. It’s a digital business card and you activate it by launching the app and pointing the camera towards the person’s face and BOOM, you have all the necessary and important information of the person.

5 months later, Google launched its AR stickers feature on its Google camera app.

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Our team definitely had fun brainstorming, designing, and developing the idea and product. We didn’t really care…

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